Wednesday, September 2, 2009

YSR is missing

The news that I heard on the TV channels jolted me . Jolted me enough to get going with my blog which I have been postponing for over a month now. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. Rajashekar Reddy has been missing since today morning. His helicopter has been missing amid the bad weather this morning. The whole of A.P has been praying for rains till now and now when they came, they have come so hard that they seem to taken the CM of Andhra along.

I guess the whole of A.P is tuned into their television sets. Our cable connection ( yeah.. the good old cable and not DTH) went kaput and we had switch on DD-1, the national channel. Hearing the TV sound, the aunty from the opposite house wanted to know if the cable was working. Her next question was about the C.M and his well-being. I also saw quite of few messages on TV, most of them praying for him and some cursing him. It was the same story on my aunt's phone call with her friend cursing him and my aunt wishing him the best.

Now on to Social Media from the traditional media. Nope. I am not talking about my blog. I am talking of the twitters and Google searches of the world. Just typed YSR on twitter and found quite a few tweets on the subject. I tried typing YSR on Google and was prompted by 'YSR misisng' and 'YSR dead' options.

I couldn't help but laugh when I found one Gtalk message which blamed telugu actress Roja for the entire episode saying that she has proved to be the bad omen for the Congress. This was my school friend who used to say the same when her movies flopped during our school days.

Now that I have started this blog, I wonder what category falls into. Umm.. ?Wow! ? or Huh? ? Perhaps it's mix of all these with the security forces wondering what went wrong with the helicopter and people across the state reacting in different ways. Or may be it is a shocking news that needs to be put under a different category. Well, the first post has been a bouncer on that front.