Optimist - Nah! In fact a die-hard Optimist 
Laid back  - I don't do useful things unless something strikes me hard. Something like this should have been in my blog a good 4-5 years ago.
Eternal Lover- With whom I really dunno :P
Foodie - Veggie. Started eating omlets in the last few yrs and now I don't miss a chance to eat one.
Passionate- Love to do things that  interest me. Yet to be proved on the career front. Just begun my new career. 
Filmy- Highly influenced by Bollywood & Tollywood. 
Late bloomer- Take my own sweet time to get things going. Learnt to ride a bicycle in class 8 , a good 4 yrs after I bought one. Learnt to ride a bike after I got a job although I was on Dad's Bajaj since school. Learnt to drive a car just a few days ago :P ( i think!)
Talkative - Take time to open up but once on,  it is difficult to stop me.

I am a Hyderabadi and have been in Hyderabad for most of my life.  These are the places I studied or worked at
  • St Pauls High School
  • IIIT Hyderabad
  • Kanbay ( now CapGemini)
  • MICA
I am regularly irregular. A fellow MICAN's blog inspired me to better my blog . I am random- Blahness.  I talk of mundane things like helmets, bike tyres, food habits, pani puris and office documentation.  I don't know the zoom of my camera but I started clicking pictures since the last one year. I hope to update the blog or the 'about' part at least regularly. But then didn't I tell you that  I am irregular. Truth! 

The name Kidoredo was inspired by Fidodido. One of my blushes (my emotional equivalent of crush) called me a Kiddo ( which I am ) and thus Kidoredo happened :)  . Btw my name is Raghu Chaitanya if you didn't know it till now!

Umm.. Wow! Huh? deserves more space and hence I have it on a separate page!