Tuesday, April 25, 2006

8 reasons why I want to study further

Study again!!! Yeah.. I had this feeling for almost 2 years now. It has been almost 2 years since I graduated and ever since I always dreamt to doing an MBA ( or any relevant course) and studying further. Well, it hasn't happened till now. But I believe it will happen sometime. When I say I want to study further, I am talking about doing a full fledged residential 2 year programme. Residential because hostel life is fun. I want to experience the hostel life again for 2 more years. Hmmm.. may be staying in a separate room and studying is fine but it's not quite fun. Let me list out all the reasons why I want to be out in school again( or rather be in a hostel again). There are of obvious things like better salary, the Post-graduate tag etc etc which will come along. But then I am not going to go too much into them. After all there are so many other things. So here goes the list ( the first 7 in no particular order but the last reason is the last one )

1.) Loooooooooooooooong hair!!!

I failed to understand the importance of uninhibited hair growth during my graduation days. After that job happened and the bike came bringing the helmet along with it and my hair has suffered quite a lot. Looong hair.. Spiky hair...curly hair.. everything has flopped thanks to the helmet. I guess the it's only the Onida boy kind of style that goes well with the helmet.Two years without any kind of a load on my head is going to be a bliss.

2.) Bachelor Forever!!!!

" He is done with his studies and has been working for almost the last 2 years.He is well-settled. I think we should get him married" .

I wonder how each and every aunt in a marriage or a function thinks the same about me. Oh.. can't they leave me alone??. I dread the word "settled" ( which usually translates to he is next bakra... get him!!!(married)). Induction works in this case and soon parents start thinking the same. I believe two years away from home studying in some school will restore my "Bacha image". After all I am a Kiddo...( Oh... he is still studying .. will be the commom phrase then).

3.) Gully cricket!

Boy ...I really miss it! Nothing beats the fun of playing with the tennis ball in confined spaces with fielders breathing down your neck. I remember those days in college when we used to play with the Bret lee kind of passion and Shoaib Akhtar kind of aggression. And we never complained of excessive cricket and burn out either :). My job now leaves me with no chance of playing gully cricket( I am not the one who would play corporate tournaments). The best we can do in office is to dole out the cricketing fundas ( and cribs lamenting defeats)while catching the score live on the net. I want to extend my cricketing career by another 2 years.

4.) Movies on the LAN!

One of the things that I regret not doing during my engineering days is that I did not watch any good movies (especially the good English ones) on the LAN at all. Somehow the activty of watching movies on my computer never appealed to me. It does seem a good idea now and all I need an opportunity ( read Hostel with LAN) to do it.

5.)Home away from home!

There is so much of freedom associated with hostel life. You can sleep any time and wake up any time( of course the classes and attendance will be a factor). Sleeping at home after 9:00 am in the morning seems to be some kind of a crime for a my parents. My hostel record for getting up in the morning was 12:30 pm when I had to get up for lunch ( Of course there were cases of 5 pm and 6 pm also.. but in those cases I wouldn't have slept the previous night). I want freedom... freedom to sleep.. Azaadi neend ki.

6.) Night life!

Staying awake late in the mid night in front of my computer is now all the night life that I have. Even this invites the wrath ( not exactly that.. something less serious) of my parents. The hostel is a different place. There is that buzz during the nights when the entire hostel seems to busy playing games, chatting ( not the online one), watching movies etc etc. I will never forget the day and night gully cricket matches that we used play starting from mid night and going on and on till breakfast next morning.

7.) Campus walks:

I don't dare to go out on the roads after dinner at home,courtesy the noise and air pollution. Going for a long walk in the moon light on roads with trees on either side is a lovely feeling . There would be no air or noise pollution. It would only be cool breeze and the hustle of the leaves. At the moment, I am not rich enough to own a castle ( with lots of trees and gardens for me to roam around ) nor do I intend to build one in the near future. What I can do is study for 2 years in a good institute which would provide this kind of an ambience.

8.) And finally the course

I have listed 7 reasons till now for studying again in my life. But to fulfill all these wishes, I have no option but to do the "course" or the "programme" for which I have enrolled myself. I hope I will learn something from the course( just the "course" not the curiculum) at the end of programme.

P.S: If by any chance, you happen to be a professor or dean of any reputed institute in India or abroad and you believe that your insitute caters to my list of wishes (hmmmm.. there can't be a more honest SOP than this, isn't it?? ), please feel free to leave a comment :). I might apply to your institute or may be join your place. Get Lucky.. Huh!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Not quite News

There is so much happening these days ( or may be something or the other has always happened..isn't it???) But not everything that happens on the earth qualifies to be News. I wonder if there is enough news to cater to the 24*7 News channels. Having news updates every now and then with the headlines being scrolled is great, but the problem arises when there is no "news" around.( May be the term "news" is a very relative term).

A pity that in cases like that the News channels can't do what I did in the previous post . Imagine the line "Our channel is intentionally going blank at the moment since there is currently no news " flashing on your TV screen. Not the best thing to happen for the channel perhaps.

As a nation, we have always been interested about the private lives of the celebrities. ( Ask Aamir Khan, he will explain this better). So may be anything and everything about the "celebrity" becomes news. Last week there was "news" about the model's dress accidentally ( or intentionally I really dont know) coming off in a fashion show. There were a lot of ohhhhs and aaaahs going around about it with the MMS and video clips going around in the market. Nothing suprising. But what stumps me is the fact there was an elite panel discussing this event for 30 minutes on a premier channel. One of the panelists kept saying that it was just an accidental slip and hence shouln't be made an issue. Another woman activtist refused to accept it as a trivial accident( Good... let's announce a nation wide 2 minute silence for it!!!). My goodness .... was that anything to be discussed about? Anyway, I was one of the many fools who saw it. May be I am making a bigger fool of myself writing about it and treating it like "News". But then I am just trying to say that what's happening is not quite news

Nothing much to blog about

Friday, April 7, 2006

The Hero rises from the dust

Working full time in the nights has it own disadvantages. Yesterday was a day off where I slept for 4-5 hrs in the morning and then had my full quota of night sleep( 8-9 hours). Life in the morning failed to motivate me beyond the mediocre routine of mail check and nature calls and hence I slept again( although there were some tasks to be done, they couldn't really get me going). Sometimes I tell myself that since I got to work the entire night, a nap ( a looong one though) in the morning would do me no harm. Today was one such days and I slept about 3 hours in the morning when I didn't need any. Now at 1:30 am in the mid night, my already puffy face is bloated like a balloon and my eyes remind me every moment that they don't need too much rest at one stretch.

Day before yesterday was different. In fact it was at the other extreme. I came to the office, worked till 2 and then had a couple of hours of sleep at home (traveling 20 odd kms in the hooooot Sun). In the night I was back again for the shift. On days like this , there is a 2-hour period in the midnight ( between 2:00 am to 4:00 am) which gets extremely testing. This is the time when the beauty called Sleep throws all her guiles and tries to seduce me. I usually succumb and give myself the luxury of a half an hour fling with the beauty.( better known as the "nap"). This luxury exists because of the fact there are at least two members doing the work. But this night was different as I was all alone. It was about 2:00 in the night. Mainframes just like my life was dull and slow, and as such my work did not require my constant attention. And she was there again , this time at her seducing best. ( The goddess of sleep is perhaps the only female in our project who works in the night :D). I tried to resist her advances , but then I was too tired and so I put my head on the table and fell for her.( asleep)

A usually subdued and dormant part of my body, the mind was warning me to get up and have a look at the Mainframes screen. What if some job had failed? What if the Mainframes suddenly started sprinting? What if the guy at onsite pinged me? But my eyes were in no mood to listen to all this. I defied them and had a look at the Mainframes screen. Everything was going fine. But I couldn't carry on like this all through the night. I had to get up. My eyes were still battling hard. My right hand slowly moved towards the mouse and I found the mouse-pointer on the screen opening the Music India Online browser. Everything appeared blurred but I could see the image of a guy riding a horse. The mouse pointer moved towards that image and clicked something by its side. And then it started...

ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
ding ding ding ding ding..

My eyes were still closed. However I could feel something, something exciting, something that was telling me to wake up and get going. There was something abuzz in me.

thodisi dhuul meri dharti ki mere watan ki
thodisi Khushbuu baurai se mast pavan ki

My eyes now stopped the struggle against the instructions of the mind. It was as if they told the mind "Yeah... now don't bother us. We will be up and open in a couple of minutes". I wasn't dancing but I could feel the Aamir Khan in me shaking his leg. There was a kind of energizing feeling that was stronger and stronger as the song went on.

thodisi dhondhane waali dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhak-dhak saansein

oh mohe rang de basanti basanti rang de basanti
(ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
ding ding ding ding ding)

My eyes were up and in business as usual ( staring at the Mainframe screen). My fingers were relentlessly doing the "ENTER ENTER " job. My feet were also in action, tapping the floor. So what about the Beauty of sleep and her charms ? I don't really know .May be it was her turn to fall asleep :D

I often crib about many aspects of Indian movies. The Protagonist is always portrayed as a Superman who can never loose. The Lead lady doesn't seem to have any work expect colliding with the Hero and ending up in a "dream song". The Police invariably appear before the "THE END" screen. But there is a kind of a energyzing Josh and excitement that only "Indian songs" (and the image of the Hero ) can generate. And for the moment.. I am not complaining.

P.S: If you haven't felt the josh that I am talking about, try reading the blog with the "Rang De Basanti" title song in the background.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Tak tak tak

Cliched!!! Perhaps that would be an understatement to describe the kind of work that I do in the office. The other day I was doing this task of "batch monitoring", when the guy who cleans the office entered the place. After collecting the trash at various desks in a plastic tray kind of a thing ( don't know what this is called), he went to straight to the dustbin at the corner of the room to empty the trash. There were some dusty paper pieces that wouldn't come off the tray easily so he started tapping on the other side of the tray in order to empty the trash. "Tak tak tak.. Tak tak tak" . That's how it sounded as he tapped the tray. Hmmmmm... Wait a minute. I could hear a similair sound orginating from another source. I realized that even I was generating the "Tak tak tak... tak tak tak" hitting the "Enter" key repeatedly. "Good God... What a royal analogy !!!" I thought. There was not much difference in the kind of work that we were doing. He at least had an objective ,that of emptying the trash. Why was I doing this work? No idea!!! "Tak tak tak... tak tak tak". I started hitting the ENTER key more rigorously.

Long long ago, before I started doing this kind of work, there used to be a time in the academic year when I had to got to the school early in the morning, come back in the afternoon, have a nap for about 1 hour and then start studying for some kind of tests known as "Annual Exams".( I never did the last thing though.. used to play Gully cricket instead). The time of the year was called "Summer" and the schedule that we had was known by the name "Morning schools". I never realized at that time, but now I really feel those days were cool. There used to be this "Beat the Heat" slogan doing the rounds in ESPN and STAR sports which meant that there was plenty of cricket action round the corner. The timing of these cricket matches would invariably clash with the "annual exams"(and India -Pakistan clash before the damned social-studies paper). My parents, uncles and aunts would always grumble everytime me or my cousins swtiched the television on to catch the latest score. Many years have passed since these things happpened. No one grumbles now. I don't swtich on the televison either. I just do an "ALT+TAB" to alter from the mainframes screen to I see my Project lead walking towards my seat, I do an "ALT+TAB" again and continue with the "Tak tak tak... tak tak tak".