Monday, April 17, 2006

Not quite News

There is so much happening these days ( or may be something or the other has always happened..isn't it???) But not everything that happens on the earth qualifies to be News. I wonder if there is enough news to cater to the 24*7 News channels. Having news updates every now and then with the headlines being scrolled is great, but the problem arises when there is no "news" around.( May be the term "news" is a very relative term).

A pity that in cases like that the News channels can't do what I did in the previous post . Imagine the line "Our channel is intentionally going blank at the moment since there is currently no news " flashing on your TV screen. Not the best thing to happen for the channel perhaps.

As a nation, we have always been interested about the private lives of the celebrities. ( Ask Aamir Khan, he will explain this better). So may be anything and everything about the "celebrity" becomes news. Last week there was "news" about the model's dress accidentally ( or intentionally I really dont know) coming off in a fashion show. There were a lot of ohhhhs and aaaahs going around about it with the MMS and video clips going around in the market. Nothing suprising. But what stumps me is the fact there was an elite panel discussing this event for 30 minutes on a premier channel. One of the panelists kept saying that it was just an accidental slip and hence shouln't be made an issue. Another woman activtist refused to accept it as a trivial accident( Good... let's announce a nation wide 2 minute silence for it!!!). My goodness .... was that anything to be discussed about? Anyway, I was one of the many fools who saw it. May be I am making a bigger fool of myself writing about it and treating it like "News". But then I am just trying to say that what's happening is not quite news

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  1. The concept of no news..and screen staying blank is cool..probably headlines today can come up with something like that given the fact that they repeat the same old news againa nd aagin...

    BTW thanks for ur comments on my blog