Umm.. Wow! Huh? are basically reactions of the readers to my blog.
So at the end of each post there is a Howz It? Box where a reader can do a Umm.. Wow! Huh? 
These words are of course exaggerated reactions and would simply mean  

Umm... - Hmmm. This makes me think 
Wow!     - Good. I like it 
Huh?  - It doesn't make any sense. Forget it!

I don't want to write too much about this now but here are a few pictures that convey the reactions for Umm.. Wow! Huh? 

Umm is actually the 'Hmmm.'  Chose Umm..because of the sound and coolness factor ;)

Wow! is of course Wow!!! The expression when You like it!

Huh is when you feel that it wasn't worth writing!

None of the images are my own. All the images are from the net and have been used to illustrate Umm..Wow!Huh?