Wednesday, May 3, 2006

That 1 hour without lights

The heat is well and truly on in Hyderabad. Travelling more than 20 kms from my home to the office drains me of all the energy these days. Phew!!! And this is just the beginning of the day. Perhaps I should start an hour earlier than I usually do. That would also help me escape the rude sunlight which glares right into my eyes and wakes me up these days. Winter is such a pleasure.. but may be you got to experience the Summer to admire the winter.

There was no electricity in my house for more than 3 hours in the afternoon. It reminded of the days ten years ago when there used to regular power cuts on a daily basis. Doing anything in the summer afternoon with the fan switched off is such a pain. There also used to be that 1 hour power cut in the evening from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Without light and fan is perhaps worse thn being without just the fan, but I really used to enjoy the evening power cut. A power cut at that time meant that I could keep my books away from me for a good 1 hour. ( remember annual exams usually happen at this time .. so that meant more and more books). This one hour was a break not just for me but also for my dad, aunt, uncle and cousins. That was the time for all of us to chat freely on the terrace or in the verrandah without bothering about any kind of work or studies. Listening to or narrating some kind of horror stories sitting in one dark corner of the terrace was something I really enjoyed. If all of us were in a real "josh" kind of mood, then we even used to play "Anthakshari". It was such a fun. The "end bell" at 8:00 pm would come in the form a loud yell from the children of the opposite house. I guess I used to unknowly wait for the clock to strike 7:00 pm every evening. The power cut thus brought out the social life that wouldn't usually exist on days with the fans and the tubelights on.

Later I passed out of school and entered the most crucial phase ( I really "hate" that phrase) of my life. My babu ( read dad) bought an emergency lamp to provide me the light but I guess it only darkened my life. After a few years, the power cuts stopped thanks this time to another babu...Chandrababu. Thus the Babus knocked the night darkness ( opposite of day light) out of my life. These days the electricity goes off just for 5-10 mins perhaps to harm my UPSless computer. On some days we do have the 2-3 power cuts in the afternoons which drives me crazy. But what about the 1 hour night life without the lights...I want it back. Any listeners??

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