Friday, August 20, 2010

Chalk & Cheese

She is chalk. He is cheese.  Or may be the other way around. But yeah you got the idea. Both of them are different.

She was the intelligent , fundoo types. He was the creative( so called) arty farty kinds. 

She worked on important modules and coded programs in her first 1st year of the IT job . He wondered if he really belonged to the IT industry in the first one year and coded his first program ( end to end) after nearly 2 years. 

She won awards for the superb work that she put in. He created awards like Mr Raymond and Miss Bibo to lure employees to parties and outings.

Both of them loved extra curriculars. 

She was the one who would always finish tasks in a jiffy and ask for more. He would examine things in detail and would even take hours to send out  a mail. 

She was a smart ass . Common sense was  so uncommon to him. 

She thought it was hard to put up with all different kinds of idiots in the world. He thought idiots were a different species and possessed some special skills which other didn't have.

She was in the midst of a grueling MBA programme last week. He had  quit a job and was at his bored 'vela' best in the same week. 

 And so the differences became  even more stark!

She was very busy. He was damn bored. 
Now then that was a given. 

She was totally screwed with piles of assignments heaped on her and major quizzes hitting her one after another.  He was as clueless as he could ever get buzzing all his friends online and messaging his local friends if they had the time to meet him. 

She was Red on Gtalk and explicitly  put a 'Do not Disturb' status message. He was in the brightest of greens on Gtalk,changing status messages every hour and showing off his gyan on Cricket.  

She was finding it hard to find time to fill her water bottle and hardly drank any water in the last 3 days.  He was not only bored of drinking  the same water but also eating the same food and was always critiquing the food made by his mom. 

She was worried that there were so many of her batch mates who worked harder than her. He wondered why his ex-boss worked so hard ruining his weekends and the peace of mind of his team members. 

She was worried about her grades. He was worried about his ever expanding paunch. 

She didn't have the time to worry about the cast on her hand. as she was afraid she would be left behind in her acads. He knew this was time for him to consult his endocrinologist, eye specialist and  skin specialist to get rid of the dandruff in his hair.

He has all the time in the world to think of such an idea on these differences and then put the effort to post it in his blog. She is so busy that she might not even read the blog even if he sends her the link!


  1. ooh oooh!...too many questions...too much of suspense. more please...more

  2. @truevoid.. this is a very random post ! Just noted that there is some friend whose schedule was in stark contrast to mine and started writing on that! nothing at all on the lines that you are thinking :)

  3. nice one dude!
    i m flattered.. :)
    waise we r nt so least not like chalk n cheese....

  4. @Sakshi..thank u :) yeah I know ! a bit of exaggeration to get that flow n the title :P Waise I started off with the idea of our contrasting schedules in the last 2 weeks! But then realized that there were a quite a few differences during IT days n so :)

  5. Chaghu :-) Should I make my guesses about this person...or would you please send us an email about this :) (Will save u the embarrassment)

  6. hey identi intena.. story conitnue chese plans emaina unnaya???
    BTW... dorinkindi link :D

  7. story continue cheyyadaaniki akkada emi leedu..! It was a different kind of writing to the regular Bollywood/food posts and so wrote it.!