Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The walk

Why do we need to get married? Can't we be 22/23/24 year olds all through our life? Oh yeah.. the human race might cease to exist.

But then she would be there always and forever for me- anytime. These were the thoughts that crossed my mind as the sweetest 25 year old on earth - Deepthi was all set to tie the knot.

It wasn't as if Deepthi (or Dee as I called her ) did not know of my feelings for her. With me being the open book that I was, there was no way that a girl like her wouldn't know about it. She knew it. I knew that she knew it.

But I was so damn sure that she would give me the  ' But then.. you are my best friend!' answer.

 With all the preparations done, Dee had quit the job. She would be here for one day. Just one more day. And then she would be off to her native place Alleppey to get married and then off to Singapore with that geeky to be husband. 

Why are the competitors of guys like me always the Geeky/NRI types? 

Dee calls him perfect husband material. Grr.. whatever that means. I really don't care. These kinds seem to be  well-settled right from the time they go to school.

Worse still, they only seem to study 24*7 and make no attempt to woo girls. And take away the blue eyed angels from guys who were born to love like yours truly. Life is unfair. 

I hated him. Added to that this guy belonged to MBA. And I absolutely detest MBA. No! Not Master of Business Administration. I am talking about Mallu Brother Association. I hated Mallu guys because Dee always believed that Mallu guys were special creatures on earth. So much that she even liked Sreesanth and thought he was a cool rock star!

My phone rang at around 9 pm that day.  It was her.
Me - ' Hello'
Dee- 'Hey.. wassup? What are you doing?'
Me- Nothing much. I am about to start from office.
Dee- I am at Ash's  place. Listen let's go for a walk tomorrow. You, me and Ash.
Me- Hmmmm
Dee - Ok. I will wake you tomorrow at 5:45 am. Bubye.

Did I just say ok? How could I? Walk with Dee was what I wanted to do . I wanted to spend some  quality time with her. But why Ass err Ash? Kebab mein haddi!

No! He was not an MBA.  He was a Tam Bram but his genuine admiration for the MBA group, and all the things that Dee liked including herself made me hate him.

Ash aka Ashwin was Dee's good friend. Not good? She keeps telling me that he is one of her  best friends. But I wonder how she has manages to have a long list of  best friends. I had lots of friends but only one  best friend ever since I joined work and it was Dee. 

I messaged her around 11:30 pm that night and told her that I was too tired to wake up in the morning. 

She messaged me back saying - 'Nothing doing. Sleep now! I will wake you up in the morning for one long  walk and breakfast with my best friends'. 

Best friends? Why plural? Best friend was good enough. 'I will not go,' I told myself. I always believed the love between Ash and me was mutual. We hated each other He was probably praying that I fell ill the next day morning. Damn! Let him and Dee go. 

Three is a crowd. Especially if the girl is Dee and the haddi is  Ash.

 It was 12:00 am then. I was very tired. But then I couldn't sleep. 
Suddenly all mosquitoes in my room seem to have come alive.
All-out was on. But then every now and then I opened my eyes feeling a mosquito. I never found any mosquito. But then why I was so  damn restless?

No! There was no exam the next day!
No! I was not going out on a date !
It was just one stupid walk with Dee. And I had made up my mind not to go. But then my heart was not allowing me to sleep.

I finally slept at around 3 am.
My cell did not have enough charge and it got switched off at 5:25 am.
And amazingly I  got up at this time and saw all this happening.
But then I did not bother to do anything. I let my phone die.

 I got up at 7 am. I switched on my cell and started charging it.
Dee had messaged me. It read ' What's this??? :(' . 
The :(  in the message told the  whole story. 
But then I would have had :(((((( expression on face had I gone for the walk. 
It wasn't as if I had a million dollar smile on my face either.  

Later in the day, she called me.
I was feeling guilty. 
But then I managed to ask her about the walk in the morning. 

"The walk never happened. Both of you are hopeless. Ash got stuck with his project till 3 am  in the office. And you? You are such an a*#@$@#. How could you switch off your phone in the morning??? '

'Ah!! I messed it up again', I said to myself. 

P.S - This is a part of my new crush project- The  JALSA series. Keep watching this space to know about JALSA!


  1. is this fiction?

  2. @truevoid - A bit inspiration from real life as well. But yeah.. lot of fiction. Real life + fiction = Fiction :)

  3. real-life character mapping from this story will be something!

  4. i felt sooo real reading this....amazing :))) however, i reeeeaaaalllly want to know ur real life inspiration ;)))

  5. @truevoid Don't even try to do any mapping will be a many to one ;)

    @anon.. thank u. who's this? btw Real n Anonymous don't go together ;)so don't u bother!

  6. Nice one Ricky!! Keep Writing...

  7. I can see which part is real and which part is fiction :-)

  8. Heyyy... Nice one... Am waiting for other stories now :)