Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Black and White man

Year - 2082.

It appeared to me as if I was part of a virtual reality. To be frank, I hadn’t seen this kind of a world ever before.  There were colors everywhere. It appeared as though a painter was provided a software tool like photoshop and asked to paint the world.

That was the diversity in the colors that I saw.  However there weren’t looking too natural. It appeared as if I was a part of some game.

However there was some strange element of monotony that seemed to have robbed the world of its beauty. It wasn’t certainly as lively and rich as the sun rise on the sea shore that I was so used to seeing as a child.

I was in a hall that seemed to have screens everywhere. I am sure there were thousands of them at the place for the event.  The people I saw had sharp features.

Most of them were absolutely flawless. Sharp noses, flawless skin, perfect features devoid of any kind of dark circles below the eyes- They had them all. There were no puffy faces or chubby cheeks to be seen anywhere round.

Their skin colors were also stunning. I had known only one girl in all my life who had the glowing skin that could be compared with the skin colors of these people.

These were the kind of colors that I was used to seeing in magazines and on websites. I can understand if there were one or two such people in one single place. But there were around a hundred of them there and all appeared flawless.

I spoke to a guy from UK who was sitting next to me.

“These people now get to buy the best algorithms to enhance their body and facial features” he said.

It was true. The girls around me appeared as if they were designed to seduce men. They had such perfect features and awesome body colors.

“Well all 21 of us appear to be from a different time frame. Well, in fact we are. But the technological advances make me feel as if we are in a virtual reality”, the guy from UK commented.

He was right. We were the 21 humans around the world who were more than 100 years old. This special conference that was being held in Mumbai called “The Celebration of “Human Race. All of us were the treasured species since there was something human and imperfect about us unlike the current generation.

I saw a Japanese guy moving towards me.

“Hey. You are so unique and out of the world here. My brain read the feed about you but I wanted to know your story in person. Why are you black and white? I know it is something to do with that emotional quotient transfer” he said.

I started explaining him the  story and this is how it went.

My face and features were blanked out due to the mishap that happened during the emotional quotient transfer that was carried out by Facebook on the advertising professionals in India in 2073.

My face lost the features and the color. I now looked like this life sized dummy model used to display clothes in the shops of yore. It was indeed ironical that my face had to be blanked out due to a mishap by a company called Facebook.

 I was however being prepared for this “Celebration of Human race” conference. The Indian teams of scientists were trying to use my picture and enhance my face accordingly. As luck would have it, I had lost all that data during the emotional quotient transfer mishap.

There was only one picture that I had and it was in Black and white. This was the one where I looked like an underworld don in Bollywood movies. My cousin’s obsession (the one who clicked the picture) with the Color accentuated mode left me black and white.

As per the instructions from the conference team, this photo was not allowed to be enhanced or changed in any form so that the natural element could be retained. My picture was left in black and white instead of being colored. I was dressed in a white shirt and black trousers so that it matched my black and white face.

I finished narrating my story to the Japanese guy and others around me.

So, I was the black and white man in the world glittering with colors all around. The 20 other 100 year olds paled in comparison but then they were the natural species and had this specialty about them.

As ever, as it always happened in my life, I was again the outlier. I was the 100 year old with the face of a 29 year old. I was most unique of them all perhaps. But then grass is always greener on the other side. I would ok if it was just green on my side but then it was Black and white. I wish it was colorful.


P.S - All the images except mine are not my own and are from the internet.

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  1. very different post compared to your regulars. i was expecting a superlative closure though!

  2. @aizaz.. The theme was to write on color. So had kept it to that. Yeah different attempt. Trying to grow up :)

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  4. @Gideon Mathson :) thank u ! Welcome to Umm...Wow!Huh?