Monday, April 5, 2010

Deccan $#&(*#@#$

 'You can never take things for granted when the great Shane Warne is involved. The match can always turn on its head'.

One of the commentators said something to this effect. I think Shane Warne is just awesome but with no disrespect to him, I would like to alter the above statement.

' You can never be sure of a win when Deccan Chargers is involved. They are capable of snatching defeat from any position.'

How else can one explain the 2 run defeat of Deccan Chargers to Rajasthan Royals.   Deccan Chargers is a team of 11 like any other cricket team but only 3 bat. Gilchrist, Symonds and Rohit Sharma. ( Make it 4 with Hershelle Gibbs if he plays). 

Rajasthan Royals had sorted out Symonds today with short pitched stuff. Gilchirst  was off to a  flyer but was dismissed just as he has been all through this tournament.Rohit Sharma played a superb innings but was unable to finish it off thanks to some brilliant display by Shane Warne and team.

Take nothing away from Deccan Chargers err Chokers.  Take Rohit's and Gilchrist's batting away and at no point during their batting did Deccan Chargers look like they would win the   match.  

Laxman back after being dropped for a couple of matches started the trend and threw it away. Will he ever realize that T20 is not for him? Not everyone can be Sachin Tendulkar.

Dwayne Smith batted as if his cricket bat had never touched the ball. The shot that did him would not have reached the boundary even if there was no fielder.

Azhar Bilakhia hit the ball in the air as if he was there to give catching practice to teh Rajasthan Royals.  I guess that's what he was doing all this while. He should stick to doing just that.

Harmeet Singh!!! Good God... He almost ran out Rohit Sharma. Was he planning to hit the next ball for a boundary when others of his ilk couldn't even get bat on ball.

It was terrfic display by Shane Warne who inspired his team to a important victory. Another match, another day, this blog would have been all about Rajasthan Royals but not today.
Deccan Chargers did not deserve to win the match. Even if Rohit Sharma's shot fell away from the fielder and found the boundary and earned Deccan a win, Deccan doesn't deserve to go further in IPL-3.
Just saw Cricinfo! DC now stands for Deccan Chokers. But I am not going to replace the $#&(* stuff in the title..not yet!


  1. i think rohit sharma will not play for dhakkan chasers in the next three seasons...there is just no support

  2. The DCs look Dis-Charged. They depend too much on 'Row-Hit', A-Dam, Symo-nds and the now Gib-bs. VVS is really Lax-man.

  3. Couldn't agree more with these comments.
    @a Rohit Sharma, I guess will go to Mumbai.
    @shank- u really seem to be at it -splitting words and coming up with PJs :P

  4. I don't think Symonds fell for a trap. It was his own doing. He was looking hit every ball he faced out of the ground. I attribute the defeat to his irresponsible innings. This match should have been won by DC even if they just fielded 7 players instead of 11.

  5. @sidhu Symonds was trying hit every ball.. but I think it was a trap. More than 75% of the balls that were bowled to him were short pitched. Even the ball that he got out was short pitched. He was in all sorts of trouble against Morne Morkel and co.