Saturday, April 3, 2010

What do I write?

          Every time I read an awesome blog like this, I am in a trance. On one hand there is feeling of great admiration for such a blogger ( which tends to infinity) and on the other there is so much restlessness that I am not writing enough. Nah I can't  write so well.. but the fact there is no attempt in that direction bothers me.

            No attempt? That makes me wonder if there is enough inspiration around and that points to  the kind of work that I am doing these days.  The monotony is killing me I say!

    Monotony of any kind kills me especially if movie directors can't think of anything new and try to make movies rehashing old themes. I had a review to do and so went to the movie hall at 7:40 pm for a 7:30 pm show of new Telugu movie 'Maro Charitra'. Got the tickets and that too in the 3rd row from top!

More about it here.

I went to one of my friend's convocation at ISB  today. Big convocation ( 550 odd students.. Chief Guest Kapil Sibal's hands must be aching) and even bigger campus. I had been there earlier 2-3 times. But then I am so bad with routes that I got lost trying to find my friend's room.

'He failed in Geography' said my friend 'a'. ( notice the lower case)

I didn't flunk. Thanks to damn education system. But map-pointing was something I never could do well. In fact I was( still  the same but so embarrassed to admit) very very bad at it.

Rewind to around 15-16 years ago. There was  a map pointing question in the exam asking us to point 'Calcutta' And this is what I did.

I didn't know where Calcutta was. 
I had to apply some logic ( ahem ahem). 
Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal. 
But where is West Bengal ??? :(
Haa.. doesn't the name throw a hint..'West' Bengal. So towards the west of India :P :P :

And so Calcutta shifted to Gujarat! 
Hats off to the teacher who managed to let go such mistakes. ( She didn't know my reasoning you see!)


  1. appreciate your little 'a' respect. but you did flunk right today?

    and ya she writes awesome!

  2. Mr 'a'! ha.. flunk is a relative word!