Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yousuf sizzles; Kings XI fizzles

I got up from my afternoon siesta and switched on the TV. Murtaza, R. Satish, Ambati Rayudu... I was wondering if ICL had started again with better uniforms and better  cheer leaders.

      And I was reminded of ICL

I thought Chris Gayle was the grim reaper of cricket till now. He is so devoid of any kind of expression after hitting those super shots. Wrong..! Yousuf Pathan perhaps deserves it more than him.

Forget Yousuf Pathan, Sidhu is going hammer and tongs  in the Extraa-Innings with all the Sidhuims. We want Mandira Bedi now ;)

Malinga was bowling yorkers with such god damn accuracy that would have crushed the toes of the batsman if they didn't put the bat in between. If cricket was played wearing heels, his yorkers would have successfully got rid of the heels. Too much of imagination here :P

I have to credit my cousin Shashanka for coming up this now- Graeme Smith was wearing Adidas socks in spite of the official sponsor of Royals' Jersey was Puma. This is for all those females who think that men watch only the likes Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova in such detail! It's about the SPORT  I say :P

Sreesanth came up with a shot that would put Rohit Sharma's forehand smash to shame.  With the confidence that he had gained after his bat made contact with the ball a couple of times, Sreesanth tried the switch hit against a bouncer Pradeep Sangwan, the left arm quick.  One hopes Sreesanth has insurance for all his body parts. Aha.. this can make an interesting ad for a Life Insurance Company.

Harsha Bhogle was heard saying ' I don't know why the camera is on Preity Zinta everywhere time Kings XI take a wicket.' Come on Harsha,  isn't this elementary?

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