Friday, March 12, 2010

And it has started!

 Evenings shall no longer be boring
No friends ?? I will no longer be cribbing
Work frustrations will not turn me into a grouch
For I will be watching IPL on TV  lazing on the couch!

I am happy that it is March 12th today and IPL has started. Life shall no longer be dull and I promised myself that I will give some vent to all my emotions and thoughts during a match.

Vaas  snared Ganguly off the 4th ball. I was so reminded of the India- Sri Lanka Independence Cup match in 1997 when he bowled Ganguly off the 1st ball.

 Angelo Mathews is the happier version of India's Robin Singh. Like Robin used to, he comes in at the No.6 position where you either need quick runs or need to do the repair job.  Like Robin, he bowls and  is  a live wire on the field. Just like Robin, he can even dive across the ocean if he were to stretch his bat to Lanka while running between the wickets.

Laxmi Ratan Shukla was hailed as the next Kapil Dev when he first came in. He is nowhere now! Forget mustache there is no hair now :P

Deccan chargers batting is like a funnel. Heavy at the top and nothing at the bottom.  Add some weight at the bottom guys :P Probably Gilly should bat at No.8!

Rohit Sharma's tennis shot was unbelievable . He will make a good doubles partner for Sania Mirza.

Done it on day-1. Saw most of the match and managed to write some stuff ! Good Night :)

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