Thursday, November 25, 2010

Going gaga about Sheila

'Sheila' and 'Sheila Ki  Jawani'  is the talk of the town now after Munni and her Zandubalm in the recent release 'Dabang'. One of my friends happened to post a link of the You tube video 3-4 days. I am in love with the whole song, the dance and of course Sheila.

I also feel that this is the best time for me to go gaga about the song before the movie  'Tees Maar Khan' releases. Once the movie is out,  I am sure I will find a good part of the story devoid of any kind of logic.

Even if I love it,  I am sure I won't admit loving it in the midst of all the peer pressure of the other critics. ( Ah..The peer pressure !!!) .  

Also once I see the whole movie, this song  will just be a minor part of the movie. There would be at most 2 sentences about the movie. Now how sad would that be?

So then,here I go.. 

The  initial sound track ( when the bed is rotating ) is amazing.  There is so much of energy in it. I am already on a high after seeing Katrina in a towel at the center of the bed.

What's my name ? What's my name?

Watch Katrina do the step there with her finger on her lips and boy.. doesn't she look a million dollars?

Sheila ... Sheila Ki Jawani!

The step where Katrina raises her hands.
 Farha Khan .. Tussi great ho.. for coming up with this step and having Katrina do it.
 My adrenalin levels have now doubled with the powerful music in the background.

I wonder how you managed it , Katrina ?
Whatever it was you did lose to the extra kilos, it was totally worth it.  She looks awesome as she sways  in those costumes baring her midriff.

Next Stanza! Yeh Dil Maange More!

'Sil Sili Silly Boy... ' says Katrina.

And I wonder how a female who looked stunning in the Indian wear a moment ago could look even better in a white shirt and a short! Female Fatale!

Katrina isn't new to Hindi cinema but it is those steps by Farha Khan that make her so special. 

Now who's this guy in the hat? Oh.. that's Tees Maar Khan.. Akshay Kumar. Go away man! Don't waste any screen space at this moment.

Katrina seems to have heard it and pushes him away saying
' I know you want to but cannot never get there.. '

Sheila.. Sheila Ki Jawani..
Katrina in a different costume now  that again makes me go fida over her for the nth time in the last 2 minutes.

I wonder who thought of the mirrors here. 

Mirrors and pretty women is such a lethal combination especially when you have the lady dancing to such steps. Super idea to use the mirrors!

Katrina is back in the Indian costume. 
The song comes to an end with lots of men shouting just one word 'Sheila'.

Now this is undoubtedly, the most sizzling Item number of the year :)

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