Tuesday, November 30, 2010

29 on 29th

I am almost 30. In fact the 30th year has just started.  But yeah like a teenager, I wanted to have a  ball on my birthday. On my birthday, I expect it to be my day!! The way it would be if I  had won an Oscar Award or a Nobel Prize ! 

I wish I could tell this to my Boss. I wish there was a T-shirt which screamed at my boss  ' Live and let live! Today is my birthday'.

Ironically, no one at work knew that it was my birthday. I didn't bother either. May be 3  years ago I would have let them know by wearing a flashy dress ..something so flashy that the people around me would know I am in a celebration mood. 

But for this birthday, I was in  perfect Monday morning dress - the formals that Dad made me buy the previous day. You see things change.

However the JOSH was back. Last year I was without a job and thought my birthday would be best celebrated in solitude without meeting any friends and just talking to them on phone.

This time however I had made up my mind. Friends or no friends, I am not going stay at home. I will go out and celebrate. I was so keen to celebrate that I wouldn't mind having food in restaurant with mirrors all around me  so that I wouldn't feel lonely.

This time I wanted to have a sketch of myself. I know. I know ! The receding hairline The chubby cheeks . The dark circles! The beard that promises to sport  the 'salt and pepper' look in less than a year!

Ha.. but I couldn't care less. I wanted to do something that would in the future remind me that this is what I did on my birthday in 2010. 

I reached Prasads where there was this software which would get the sketch done.  I wish there was someone who could sketch me. But that's ok. I wanted instant gratification and was in no mood at wait and explore.

I thought I would  sport an intelligent/smart ass look for the pic. I stood in front of the mirror in the loo and raised my eyebrows. Perfect ! I thought! After all, I am not that bad.

I stood in front of the computer and posed.
'Smile ! Smile ! ' the guy who operated that software kept telling me.

I didn't want to. It would ruin the intelligent look. But then I did. 

First shot ruined. It had the 'Nice guy' written all over it! Damn it. I didn't want that.

'I don't want  to Smile', I told the guy.

And slanted my head for that smart pic. It was ok. Not great.
I will better this in the next one I thought. 

'Smile! Smile! '. It was the stupid guy again.
Damn and I did smile! Third shot gone.

'Choose 1 out of these pics' the guy said.
That was a no-brainer. I chose the 2nd one.

After 5 minutes, the sketch was in my hands. 
Alas.. but it was not the look that I had rehearsed in front of the mirror in the loo.

I cut a sorry figure. I wasn't smiling. I wasn't looking smart. It was a weird sorry expression on my face. Ah.. stage fear! My expressions failed me when I needed them the most.
And so on 29th November 2010 my face was like this

I got it framed and cribbed about it to my Dad. 

' I couldn't quite get the intelligent/smart look Dad', I said.
 'Well, the picture doesn't lie my son. You cannot pretend to be someone else in a photo'he said with a wry smile.

Enough! I thought it was time for me to go out for dinner.  My cousin Sasi and I went for dinner at Little Italy since I was craving to have something different and special on my birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and thanks to Sasi, I had a few other pics on this day apart from THE ONE :P


  1. Loved the idea of sketch! Happy 30th :)

  2. good sketch...bro.. you remind me of ANR in Devdas... :)

  3. one more thing... i liked your father's dialogue.. aa dialoguelo chala info undi annayya... :)

  4. happy b'day bro.... guess who is this? :)

  5. @Su yeah.. very psycho :)
    @ Hemanth. thank u!
    @venu.. thanks to the software. But i didnt quite like the dumb sorry face :P
    @anon - some fren from U.S?

  6. More of a Charlie Chaplinesque expression.....