Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday :)

So then another year has passed and I have turned an year older. I believe that a birthday should be a special day in the year and not just any other day in the calender. I have always made attempts to have as much fun as possible on my birthday believing that everything would go my way on my birthday.

I still remember my school days when teachers used to wonder when a usually silent and reserved student like me would talk non-stop with his neighbours and friends.
Haa.. the Birthday effect!

Last year after 26/11, my birthday was a low key affair in Mumbai. I had lunch at New Yorkers  with my  room mate and spent the rest of the birthday on a damn assignment.

This year's birthday was different. But yeah it was my choice to go this way this year. I was in no mood to go out for a dinner or lunch with anyone today.

But yeah thanks to all my friends, it has been a lovely birthday today. I was either on phone or chatting on my laptop for most of the day. It feels good when someone remembers your birthday and wishes you.  Each of their wishes was special and unique in their own way. I thought it would be fun to put down a couple of  them here.

First wish

I am still like a teenager who loves being wished at 12'0 clock on his/her birthday. It was then perhaps natural that my one of youngest cousins, a teenager was the first one who wished me at 12'0 clock.

The shortest greeting of the day 

VS: Chu
Me : hey ( this was after 2 minutes)

Well.. these nick names like 'Chu' ( can't give the full form here !!!) come when love overflows :) . This happened on gmail and this friend disappeared for the rest of the day.  Since this happened at around 12'o clock, I assume that it was a birthday greeting.

Miss Forgetful

 It was 6pm and she did not wish me till then. This despite me chatting with her for more than 15 minutes earlier in the day.

Me: hey
MsF: hey.. whatz going on
Me: voice chat?
MsF: sure , sure why not?
Voice chat started with the regular hi.. hello and 'I just got up' stuff for 5 mins
Me: so what's going on?
MsF: haan.. nothing special
Me: But it's special
MsF: What??
Me: Today is special for me
MsF: Matlab?
Pause for 30 secs
MsF: Oh.. don't tell me?
Me: hmm
MsF: Is it your birthday today ?
Me: hmm..
MsF: I am so sorry. I feel so embarassed!
Me: hmm.. ( i was feeling even more embarassed :(  )
MsF: Happy Birthday !!!

And we went on for the next half and hour !

   I went for a walk around 8 P sporting my 10k run T-shirt and shorts. I just walked a kilometer and realized that it was too cold for my comfort. It haven't seen it get this cold in Hyderabad for quite some time now. More importantly I was never dressed like this in this kind of weather. I managed to complete the walk but I guess I will catch cold in the next 24 hours. ( huch.. huch).

On my way back, I went to the temple to say hi to God Ganesh. But then it was closed.  I thought I would do all my prayers standing outside. '

'After all isn't God present everywhere' I said to myself.

'You should come in the morning and break a tender coconut for the God'.

I was startled when I heard this voice. It was a drunkard sitting outside the temple. Think of God and here is the devil. Not feeling too secure, I did a quick 'hi-bye' to God and left the place.

At the end of the day,  I realized that I  did not meet a single friend  this time on my birthday and had lunch and dinner at home. I don't remember the last time I did this. I usually eat out at least once even on weekends. It has been a different but lovely birthday nevertheless.

Albert Einsteen once said that solitude is painful when one is young, but delightful when one is more mature. Awww.. Does that mean that I have turned mature ? Hehe.. I would like to believe that Einsteen was kidding :)


  1. Cool...u ve not changed still same old RMG but I 'do' agree with Einsteen :)) And ur Temple story is too gud....that person was correct dear u shld go in the mrng especially on ur birthday....especial day :)

    Wish u Gud Luck

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  3. Tch tch, the burden of internet-immortalization that I shall bear from this day forth! Lets see if I can lighten some of that next year :P
    I find the Einstein comment very interesting too... we must exchange notes when we both mature (a little more) :)