Monday, November 16, 2009

Unexpect the Expected ?

After almost a month, I went for a walk today. Going on a walk gives me the time and space to talk to myself, inspire myself and decide what I am going to do next. As I was walking along, I was telling myself that I won't go after any pretty lass from now on. Especially once I start working at a new place.

My attention was diverted when a girl walked past me in the park. I could not see much of her face but she seemed interesting enough. On further observation, I realized that she was the reason why I decided to work inside the park rather than on the road outside. ( My heart detected a faint shadow of the fairer sex and instructed my legs to take the right path).

Oops! I have resolved that I should take the right resolutions at the right places. A park is hardly the place to make resolutions concerning girls.

Now coming to the blog post title .... I couldn't help using the word 'Unexpect' although there is no such word. ( The spellchecker is already red at me) .I thought using that would convey my idea better. It is said that the best things in life happen when you least expect them to. I don't quite understand this.

If there is something good that is going to happen to me, how can I not think about that 'good' thing. I would be anxiously waiting for it happen. If that is the case with something good, then I need not say anything about the best things in life. I also wonder if the best thing will remain special to me when it happens at a time when I don't think about it or expect it to happen. These days when I tell myself not to think too much about something it is only with the hope that the unexpected ( or is it the expected?) might happen.

Media effect of the day

The cable went kaput for sometime today and I happened to watch the National channel for sometime. It was some programme for the farmers. I was somehow able to relate with the farms and cotton crops being grown.  Aha.. that's the farmville effect I realize :)  I couldn't however judge what % the crop is grown like Farmville does.

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