Sunday, November 22, 2009

Huh or Huff?

I always had this negative feeling associated with the word 'huh'. Some of the conversations ( the chats in gtalk again) with my friends often saw the word 'huh' being used for expressing irritated surprise or disapproval. I went a step ahead and used the word 'huh' in my blog to mean hatred. ( exaggerated of course.. please don't get flabbergasted at my understanding or rather the lack of it :(  ).

Today however I checked the Cambridge dictionary and found that 'huh' is an informal expression used to show that one has not heard or understood something.
  Huh? These instructions don't make sense!

It is sometimes used in a humorous tone to express disapproval.
Huh, I don't think much of that idea!

Or  used at the end of a question or statement, especially when you want someone to agree with what you have said  
I'll bet you wish you hadn't done that, huh?
Pretty cool, huh?

So then, I had got it wrong in my blog. It isn't  dislike so it certainly could not be exaggerated to hatred.  I wanted to replace the word 'huh' with something else.

However I loved  the sound of Umm...Wow! Huh :< . I did not want to change the blog title  to something that was very different from this.

Then the word 'huff' came to my mind. I checked the Cambridge dictionary again and found that it is expression used in a angry and offended mood.

She's in a real huff because I forgot her birthday..

So it would be Umm.. Wow! Huff :< from now on I thought. But somehow I still liked the earlier one better.

 Finally I decided to free this blog of any kind dislike or hatred in order to retain 'Huh'  'Huh?' in this blog would be associated with posts or things that don't make sense and deserve to be forgotten. The disappointment   ':<' at the end of Huh is replaced by a question mark '?'. Also in the tag line the word 'hate' is replaced by the word 'forget '.

I have changed the 'About the blog' text also accordingly. Right now I am too embarrassed to discuss the previous text.

Umm..Wow! Huh?
My new blog.  Still in the Beta stage though.

This is what I keep telling some of my friends. I know I am not talking about Google Wave here but my silly blog. But still it is fun to blog about all these things that one goes through while starting something new and talk big about the same :)

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