Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cinema Paradiso

Just watched Cinema Paradiso. Lovely movie! I think it is an Italian movie. I was able to understand some words like 'Merci' and 'Tres Bien' thanks to my french madame. I was just wondering if an Indian movie can be made on those lines. Of course, the movie should be devoid of any kind of masala or tamasha.

 I guess many Indian kids  are passionate about movies like the little kid in the movie is. Think! Think! I guess it would be one damn interesting project to try and make an Indian version of  'Cinema Paradiso' . Perhaps someone like Vishal Bharadwaj should try it out.

P.S- I haven't yet googled 'Cinema Paradiso'. I just typed what I thought about the movie as soon as the movie was over, It would interesting to note how the writings on the net about the movie affect my thoughts on the movie.


  1. hbd...what is the movie about?

  2. @aizaz It is the story of a famous movie director who narrates his days as a child and as a youngester in a small Sicilian village. The best part of the story is his friendship with Alfredo, who teaches him how to operate the projection booth.