Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The right mood to write!

I woke up and signed into my gmail account in the morning. I saw Aizaz online and I thought I should tell him about this blog. I had discussed the Umm...Wow! Huh?  idea long ago.

Me: Umm...Wow! Huh ?
Aizaz: what's this now?
My new blog
Still in the beta stage though
Aizaz: this is your # blog??
I mean the count
are you updating the other blogs?
Me: 12th for the count
Na..let me update this regularly now!
Aizaz: added to my reader
will read it later in the day
Me: there is lots of energy when I start a blog. Later after sometime that disappears
Aizaz: i will keep pushing you to write this one regularly
Me: Hmm.. When the energy comes back, it usually does in the form of a new blog.
Aizaz: treat this blog as your wife
I don't think you are a kind of person who changes wives for new energy and new form.
Me : lol. true!
But I have realized there is no point forcing urself to write .. u need the flow to come u need a life around u :) 
Aizaz: but wives are nagging
so must be this blog.
Me: lets see :)

So I believe that I need a mood to write something that makes me feel good.  Sometimes it becomes important to write within a few hours from the time I get an idea. The mood usually doesn't stay too long ( not more than a day for sure in my case).

The 'Wither Bollywood'  post was a collection of thoughts that were lying in my mind for some time and I feel the end post did not come out too well. Of course lying on the couch doesn't generate a great mood and it only makes me lazy. Sometimes just a walk along the road or even an conversation on gtalk gets you writing like this one did :)

After thought

The above conversation is not the Copy+paste of the one on gtalk. A couple of words have been added here and there. I think Google should provide a feature on each chat window for users to export the conversation into Blogger.( for all those on blogger). It would be great for someone like me.

I believe that there can be story around most the g-talk conversations and tool like this would be cool to make a post of it. One can just export a conversation that I think would make an interesting story. In the blogger dashboard, there should be an option to export and use conversations from gtalk. This of course would need the person at the other end should be ok with the conversation going on to the blog. I think most of my friends would be ok. What say??

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  1. how many times should i tell you my name starts with the lowercase 'a'...i dont think i can umm wow or huh on this post...

    ya i agree with conversations making into blogs ... i can have a score in a month :)