Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New releases!

I don't mind going alone to watch a movie these days. I went to Cinemax today to try and get tickets for Aarya-2 releasing this 27th November. Unfortunately the tickets were already sold out.

Me: So do you have tickets for Saturday?
Ticket counter guy: Front row seats.
Me: Thanks but no thanks.

I am a big fan of the whole'Aarya' idea. I thought one-sided love was never depicted better in any other movie. Of course, it is a movie at the end of the day and all that happens on the screen can't/won't happen in real life.

Five years is quite sometime and as per what my one of my good friend was saying the other day,  I have toned down quite a bit since the good old Aarya days. The raw energy and the unbridled enthusiasm is usually amiss and whatever left is accompanied by some thought and doubt these days.

So then it remains to be seen if Aarya-2 lives up to my expectations. I heard the songs today and found them good. I hope Allu Arjun's look in the movie has some logic to it and is not just a random attempt to look different. Let us wait and see.

I put my ear-phone and clicked on the song  'He loves you so much' . There was some problem with the volume. 'Why is it so low?', I wondered. I tried adjusting my ear-phone volume but that did not seem to help. Mom suddenly entered my room as if I had done something wrong.

Ooops! I realized that I have not connected the ear-phone  to my laptop. !!!!  I have done it yet again. I am so funny.

Talking of new releases, I am dying for '3 Idiots' to hit screens. Aamir Khan looks so young in the trailers of the movie. I think the effort that he puts in to get into the skin of the character is really amazing. 

New releases! I want to be a part of new releases too. I am really missing the deadlines and delivery dates that were so much a part of my life when I was working and later while I was studying. I am waiting for that meeting with the client where I get to talk about work.

Oh.. yeah .. I am missing work!

P.S- This blog started off as a freehand writing attempt. I put some thought as I went along. Freehand writing  is the kind of writing that you just write something without thinking of your quality or errors . I just opened blogger and started typing whatever came to my mind. 

Umm... I feel I should be doing it more often.

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