Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Long time no write

            It is more than 10 days since I wrote anything and considering the recent regularity in writing that was indeed some gap. Not that I have too  many followers, but I love acting like a celebrity for whom the whole world is waiting. So then, for once laziness is not the reason for this gap.

          I got a job ! An interesting role where I get to write on something or the other all the time. So with so much of writing happening there, I had neither the energy nor the matter to write anything here.

       Writing at a work place is different. You have a boss and lots of other professional constraints. In that way, it is sense to documentation in my previous company. Let me stop here. I  don't want to discuss work here and blog at the work place :P

        It's all about Telangana, here in Hyderabad. The TRS ( Telangana Rashtra Samithi) leader is fasting on to death and is all over the 10 odd TV channels covering his each and every move. The ATMs and Petrol bunks get shut down every now and then.

      There is a Chalo-Assembly rally tomorrow and I sincerely hope there it happens peacefully without causing any damage to anyone/anything.

               I was going through the afaqs site and I found this article about ADAG  group getting ready to launch a food and beverage brand, 'Movie Munchies' and its own mineral water brand, 'Spring', later this month. This food brand 'Movie Munchies' will start operating in all the Big Cinemas later this month.

         I like the idea of watching movies in multiplexes but I find the food there an absolute waste. Exorbitant prices and absolutely no value for money. The cool drink is so watery with lots of ice in it. I usually never get to eat the stuff that I want to eat say a burger or a samosa. Pop-corn is good. But how much can you eat it?

         My cousin and I couldn't finish one during the entire second half.  I never used to care for all these things earlier.  But then this is one of things I realized while I was jobless:)

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