Friday, January 1, 2010


I could go on placing a infinite dots after that Umm...Today on the 1st day of the New year, I have this feeling that I have achieved nothing in life. I saw a couple of photo streams on flickr of my engineering  batch mates and I was like Wow!!!! ( again an infinite number of exclamations!). Absolutely marvelous! I was stunned!

   And then for a moment ( such a looooong one) I thought of myself. What was I doing all these years? I was sunk by a huge feeling of under achievement.  I have started clicking pics of late but yeah after seeing my batch mates' pics, I feel so ashamed of myself. 

          So yeah another year has begun..2010!  Years keep passing by par Life mein kuch kar na hain yaar..! At least some good writing which is of the level of the photos that my batch mates click.

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