Sunday, January 31, 2010

Experiential writer :)

I was out of the house today watching 'Ishqiya'. I watched the movie in a single screen theatre in Kachiguda, near Koti. It reminded me so much of my life around 4-5 years ago. 

It was an awesome 4-5 hours away from home. First of all, I liked the movie and loved the 'Dil to Bacha hain ji' song.  I was awe struck by the crowd at  good old Gokul chat in Koti and I relished the samosa chat that I ate after fighting my way through the rush. 

In the cinema hall, I saw how crazy some of the guys out here are to see a new release. On the way back home, I lost my way in the crazy traffic and the exhibition crowd. Uff... So many things to write about.

At times I feel this is how my whole life should be. Just like these 4 hours. I feel so shallow when I have to push myself to write about something. The writing should be natural and for me it happens when I experience different things. I wish I was doing a job where I was paid to experience things and write about them. 

I mean the kinds where the company sponsors your trip , asks you to experience different things and then write something on them. Experiential writer ! Any prospective employers here ?


  1. Dude,
    If at all i start a company like tht, i would surely employ you. because i relish ur writing. so u experience and let me experience ur writing :)

  2. That would be a previlege :) But yeah with social media going the way it is right now..I seriously see brand specialists whose job would be gain insights and then devise brand strategies. I know that's not the job I was talking about and is just a part of understanding a brand. I hope the part keeps growing.