Monday, February 1, 2010

Dil to Baccha Hain Ji!

Having loved the movie 'Kaminey' , I always knew that I would like 'Ishqiya' too. And boy... I enjoyed watching the movie. As one of my friends mentioned on facebook, the movie has its weird moments, but it is  a good movie overall.

Things have really changed in the last few years in Bollywood. There are more directors  these days who are constantly making an attempt to offer something new. Abhishek Chaubey in his first movie does just that. I was never bored at any point of time in the movie.

I was pleasantly surprised at how Vidya Balan's character was handled. I thought it would  be an out and out negative role but it turned out to be very realistic. Arshad Warsi  perfectly fitted the bill as Babban.

And Naseeruddin Shah? He is good as ever. He is amazing in the song 'Dil to Baccha Hain Ji' . His expressions are awesome and I think he deserves an award just for the song.

When I saw the trailer of the song, I liked it. But after watching the movie, I just adore the song and the idea behind it.

I searched for the song on You tube and found the above video. Hats off to Gulzar and Vishal Bharadwaj. Yes, the song is very cute and innocent.

I thought  Vidya Balan appeared a bit too urbane in the role unlike Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad warsi. Or may be women always have something appealing about them. We men will never disagree. 

 After all, Dil to Baccha hain ji!


  1. what about that lady's expression in the bus in the same song?? no award?

  2. The lady's expression was good ..but Naseer's performance totally floored me !