Saturday, January 2, 2010

O Captain, My Captain!

I just saw 'Dead Poets Society' and I thought it was a lovely movie. I would  have loved it even more had I watched it a few years ago before I even dared to think of something else beyond my engineering graduate degree. Aamir khan is talking of chasing excellence in 2009, but this movie that deals with being a non conformist was released way back in 1989.

I found the last scene of the movie when all the members of the Dead Poets Society stand on their desks to bid adieu to their beloved professor John Keating  ( the O Captain, My Captain scene) very touching. Being a Bollywood fan, I found it a bit abrupt and  I would have liked if the movie ended with the prep school changing its teaching methods for the better. 

But probably these things ( happy -endings as SRK calls them ) don't happen  in reality and in Hollywood.  Well, as always I guess I have been late watching a  Hollywood master piece. But yeah, I am happy I have seen it.

I saw 3 Idiots last week and liked it. I thought it's a very good movie compared to the regular Bollywood fare that we get these days. But it was slightly disappointing considering that it was an Aamir Khan movie. I thought it was too much about him rather than about the 3 Idiots as a whole. Probably reading  '5 point someone' novel made me think that way. Aamir is the dude in the movie, tops the class and also has the gal- Kareena. 

The novel was better where Ryan plays the brilliant non-conformist who believes that exams are not everything ( and hence does an average job there and doesn't end being the topper unlike in the movie. Are you listening Mr. Aamir Khan? ). Ryan's friend Hari romances the girl in the novel which I thought was very natural compared to Aamir doing  everything in the movie.

Let me not even get into the tiff between Chetan Bhagat and the film makers of the movie at this point of time. It's quite sad!
Planning to watch 'Avatar' later today. Let's see if it inspires me to write something.  

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