Friday, December 2, 2005

Happy Birthday

Birthday... I always thought that it should be the best day of the year. The day was supposed to mine. As a kid, I remember I used to take the extra liberty to chat even when the teacher was teaching. I knew that I would be let off, for it was my birthday, my day. As the years passed on, the day "birthday" started becoming even more special to me. Birthdays of all my friends were important for me. I would leave no stone unturned to make the "Birthday friend" happy. My birthday of course would be extra special.

My birthday when I was in class 6 was very special, for I played cricket that day and my side won both the matches played. The fact that I was the captain made me even more happy( now then..I am not a cricketer I am talking about a kids match... 6th class kids... girls included). The one in 10th was the worst for I fought with my dad as he did not help me out for the essay writing contest. I sulked the whole day and wondered if the day could get any worse. The birthdays in 11th and 12th, I feel were no good. I was already into this "blushes"( hmmm.. my word for the word "crush" more on it later) thing and tried to spend time with the so called special person. Thinking back, I feel it was a stupid idea, given the fact the special person never considered me special. Of course, her birthday for a couple of years was every "special" for me. In fact special is not the word. It was a day I waited for the whole year, the day I thought I would change myself and change the world, the day for all resolutions. May be I carry that feeling even now.( a lot tonned down however). I tend to get more consicious about it than my "blush" herself.Blush!!! ( I am talking about my red cheeks now)

Hostel life rocks!!! There is nothing to beat that. Each and Every b'day is fun... especially those 15 mins past 12:00 A.M when everyone around is keen to demonstrate their football skills. Each of those 4 birthdays was special in its own way with the 4th one being the best.

A year later, when I completed 23, I was in the sofware industry. Suprisingly this one was better than any of my previous ones, perhaps even the ones in the hostel. I had so many friends in different groups that the celebrations lasted almost one week. I had everything from my shorts to jerkins being gifted by my friends. It was so good that this year I had decided that it couldn't get any better. Perhaps that was the reason why this one was also fun.

Over the years my friends and colleagues have sung( I doubt if "sung" is the right word) the "Happy Birthday" song for me. I dont remember the last time it was actually in ..with all the energy and enthusiasm. Perhaps it was way back when I was in the kindergarden. Probably there was energy since we did'nt know the song. Now, it is more like a dull excercise that one needs to undergo before pouncing on the cake. I feel we should be singing or playing some latest filmi hit instead of mechanically going through the "Happy Birthday" song. The cake-cutting is meant to be a happy occasion, a time to be cheerul. Let's not get dull and monotonic. Hmmm..I am neither a poet nor a composer but how about trying to compose a new "Birthday" song full of josh?

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  1. May u have a grt b'day this year.
    I'll take the pains of writing a b'day song full of josh and present it to u on the D'day