Friday, December 30, 2005

Just another thought

"A thought is too precious to remain just a thought".
Thus spake Kidoredo a good fifty years ago.

In the years to come( December 30th 2055 to be precise), that's what people around the world will realize. Jokes apart, I serious feel each one of us should preserve one's thought. Store it, write it, blog it or execute it but don't let it stay a mere thought. A postive thought has the capability to spread energy,happiness and cheer all round. Well, I don't think I will ever get tired of repeating the significance of "thought".

I want to go home early today (I never feel otherwise anytime). But today I want to catch the Sonia Gandhi interview on CNN-IBN channel. Guess there is a Sonia Gandhi interview on NDTV as well. I want to see how different or how similiar these two would be. I saw the ad on both the channels on TV today and felt it couldn't get any bigger. Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN and Barkha Dutt on NDTV and Sonia Gandhi up against them.

Talking of journalists makes me brood about myself. What am I? I often speak about "thought" but I am no thinker. The term "thinker" is too serious and weighs heavy on me. I am not a journalist for I don't report news. So what's the word for me? Pseudo Journalist? Naah. since I neither lie or nor do I pretend and the pseudo cannot mean anything else but false. I am a journo-journalist( something like f(f(x))) because I often end up discussing how the news was discussed.

The office is empty this being a weekend. This is not just another weekend but the last weekend of the year. I can hear the "Happy New Year" phrase buzzing all around even I as type this sentence. New year reminds me of a "resolution" and voila ... I have yet another line on "thought". "Don't let a thought remain a thought , turn it into a resolution if you can." :):):)

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