Tuesday, December 6, 2005

An ode to my bike tyre

Some things in life do not get the recognition they deserve. If I make a list of the things that I couldn't do without, perhaps the "tyre of my bike" would be right on top( just below the "asshole" :D those of you who have got that eeks expression on your face please remind yourself of the cliched idea of "If the asshole stops working for a week" ). So I thought , it's time to express my feeling to my dear tyre.

Dear Tyre,

How are you? Perhaps I should be asking you this question every single moment you selflessly serve me, every single moment you make your way thrusting yourself against the heartless potholes. Sorry dear. I wonder if I can ever thank you for what you have done for me.

My tryst with you was never planned . It just happened like most of the good relationships of life happen. But ever since you have been with me, you have served me faithfully . Forty odd kms daily and that too on the roads on Hyderabad is no easy task. I had this idea of moving closer to the office for your sake but that would mean that your friends ( dad's bike's tyres) would have to bear the brunt. I am happy that you have taken up the responsibility and have delivered the task. ( Sorry tyre..for the corporate lingo.. but that's how my PM praises me).

I feel sorry for you when you need to make your way through the murky waters and all kinds of bull shit. I can't urge the cattle to keep the roads clean, especially when I have failed in my attempt to convince my fellows of the importance of civic sense. These days I find all kinds of construction raw material scattered on the roads in the name of road widening. How I wish I had some kind of buffer to protect you against the cruel rocks and mindless gravel. I try to find the smoothest option available but then that always carries the risk of your rivals hurting you.

Hyderabad this year has had a torrent of rains. Thankfully for me you have learned to swim and so I had no problem wading through the waters. I hope your makers will provide protective windsheeters/raincoats for your future generations. I also think there should be some kind of deodrants or surrounding-air-freshners so that you don't get stiffled in the dirt.

I request you to bear with all these and keep yourself fit. Don't burst unless you are in a absolutely hopeless situation. If you want to go flat do it when I am near my house so that I can take you to the near by doctor( mechanic) for treatment.Remember that you should never misbehave when someone of the fairer sex is travelling with me. If you do that ,you will end up bursting both yourself and me.

So then ,keep fit and I will take care of you.

Your owner,
The heartless driver

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